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The Very Worst Day (EVER) or The Day Christmas Got Stolen

This story should be in two parts. But you know how when you’ve repeated a story so many times that you are just sick of talking about it? It’s like that. So here is the long and the short of it (mostly long):On our way home from spending Christmas in Maine with my family. It…

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put a ring on it before the apocalypse

I’m about to be 25. A quarter century old. And lately, my facebook news feed has looked like this. A lot. Not my hand. Not my hand. Definitely not my hand. It’s probably because today is the last day on earth, right? Or maybe it’s that other thing…oh right, Christmas time. Also known as engagement…

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The one where I try to be a photographer

On Sunday (before football started, of course), I made Naveed and Archie head to the park down the street to take some pictures to send with our Christmas cards.  (Yes, I was super late sending them out. But this has been proof that procrastination pays off! The cards were 20% off because I waited. Score!)…

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Confessional Friday

Today I’m linking up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition to bring you some confessions on this bitter cold Friday. I discovered her blog recently and this is my first time linking up! Today, I confess:I feel a little bit smug telling people that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping. The gifts are even wrapped [pats…

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The One Where We Match

Remember when I dyed my own hair? Yeah, I’m not gonna do that again. So yesterday, I got my hair done. I sat in the chair, took a deep breath and said: Blonder. And perhaps subconsciously,  I changed my hair to exactly match… my dog. This is Archie’s why-is-that-camera-beeping-at-us face. Self-timer, pup. He’ll learn. No…

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