2012: A Look Back

2012 will forever be known as a year of big changes.

I became a blogger, a live-in girlfriend, and a puppy momma. 
Check out some of this years highlights:

Set a personal record for the number of hours of Netflix watched
Did not work out one time
Decided I needed a hobby

I started a blog, calling it Fancy Frugal initially

I talked about my biggest beef with the East Coast
Made a list of all the stuff I’m too old to do (My Murtaugh List)

Became a Vegetarian after a traumatic squirrel incident
Showed you how crispy I used to be when I was tanorexic
And even called my mom out for giving me a mullet

Proof of the Mullet

Achieved one of my 30 Before 30 goals
I even shared my very biggest secret

Naveed and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary (and I wrote a mushy post)
I changed my blog name to Back East Blonde, cause it just fit better
Tried not to get too drunk

Listed our lovie dovie nicknames for each other
And I shared all kinds of stuff you’d know, if you really knew me

I shared the most inappropriate love story you’ll ever read *My favorite post, still
And took a fashion risk with some pleats

Realized that on paper we look like real grown ups
Published the cutest post you’ve ever read (10 day old puppies!)

There was more cuteness
And generally was bad at being a vegetarian
But best yet, we got to meet our baby boy!


We brought home Archie Oliver
Then I freaked out a bit

I pretended to be fashion forward
Showed you all how Nav and I are huge slobs
Terrified my mother with one of my posts

And lastly, here is how we brought in the new year:

Thanks for sticking with me for 2012!
What was your favorite part of this year?

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