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I’m so excited to be teaming up with Taylor from The Daily Tay to answer questions on blogging, life, and of course, our pups. Enjoy!

Do people in your real life know about your blog? What do they say?

Taylor: Yes, they do! My friends and family knew about my blog long before any “bloggy” type people knew about it. To be honest, I’m pretty sure my family still doesn’t really believe me that people who don’t actually know me read it.
Nadine: Hardly anyone in my real life knows that I have a blog! My immediate family knows but that’s about it. They keep me in check because I’ll go to them like “ohmygawd I just hit a thousand followers!” and they’re like, cool, there are 7 billion people in the world…will you help with the yard sale this weekend?

Do you ever feel weird about exposing so much of yourself in such a public place like a blog?

Taylor: Nope. Well kinda… But I’ve gotten better about not sharing so much, hearing your grandma reads will help to change the tone of your blog a bit.
Nadine: Yes and no. I feel fine about it until the moment that I find out that someone that I know in real life reads my blog and I have zero idea how they found it. Then I’m horrified and spend hours going over what embarrassing things I’ve said that I really just wanted my lady friends in blog land to know. I also worry a little too frequently about becoming the dateline special about the blogger who got murdered because she shared her whole life on the internet. [Whoa. Too far.]

What is your favorite post you’ve ever written?
Taylor: I would have to say The Most Indistinguishable Girl In The World
only because it still remains true to this day.
Nadine: Probably my open letter to Baby Kimye. Someone needed to warn the kid how effing crazy her upbringing would be. 
What is your best advice about living with a boyfriend?

Taylor: Oh man, where do I even start? I advise you just accept the fact that he’s going to be a little messier than you, and he’s going to be able to eat a lot more better tasting food than you- and usually during the hours of the night when you know you’re not supposed to be snacking on frozen pizza or Doritos. Choose your battles. Would you rather be a nag because the bathroom is filthy, or just take the two minutes to clean it up? I’m still working on this one…

Nadine: Don’t think for a second that he gives a crap what color the throw pillows are. Let him have time to play video games. If your boyfriend plays fantasy football, have two TV’s so you don’t have to watch football all day on Sunday’s. And if they come in late and leave the front door open all night (Tay knows what I’m tallking about with this one), do completely lose it. The flat screen could have been gone! What about your safety?! Sometimes you just gotta lay down the line.

Life Parallel: The dogs probably get more attention then we do.

Would Archie and Harlow be friends if they met?

Taylor: Definitely. Permitted Archie will wrestle with Harlow for hours on end and not mind if Harlow tries to steal all of his toy, and then tear them to the shreds.

Nadine: Archie would attack Harlow with love. And Harlow, I’d imagine, would be flattered momentarily and then find him annoying. It’s okay, he doesn’t get his feelings hurt easily.
If you could plan it out exactly how you want, where would you be in 5 years?

Taylor: I’m too shy to say because I’m such a dreamer I realize most people think I’m just being ridiculous… But ideally, Chris and I will be living in Chicago, or possibly NYC. Hopefully I’ll be making a full time living in the entertainment business, think something along the lines of writing and comedy. And since the question technically says “exactly how I want,” I’ll be a millionaire who can afford to live in a city with five Vizslas.

Nadine: Woof. Tough question but definitely something I ponder all the freaking time. I’d like to be living in DC with my boyfriend (husband?) and Archie (duh). I’ll be 30 so maybe I’ll have a kid by then? But based on the mini-freak out as I just had as I typed that, maybe the kids are a few more years off.

What do you do when you get writer’s block?

Taylor: I usually pout. I’ll stare at my computer screen and type and delete twenty different starter sentences. Then I mess around on BuzzFeed until something comes to me.

Nadine: Procrastinate, obviously. I wait it out until I have a good idea. While I procrastinate, I blog jump like crazy, commenting up a storm until I read something that sparks an idea or get tired and take a nap. When I’m still stuck, I go to Barnes and Noble and read the first chapters of like 20 books and add notes to my iphone with ideas. But usually I just procrastinate.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging in general?
Taylor: Read Nadine’s comment because I agree with everything she said. Especially the part about referring to blog friends in real life. I usually call them my online pen-pals, but this usually doesn’t really help the situation any.
Nadine: I like that the more that I blog, the more my writing sounds like me. A real writer would call it “finding your voice” which sounds so cheesy to me but seriously, it takes a lot of effort to unlearn everything that 16 years of schooling taught you! So I guess the evolution of my writing has been my favorite part.  I also creepily love feeling like I have all these “friends” all across the world. Then when I talk about them in real life it goes a little something like this: “Oh my friend…uh…this girl I know…I read her blog….well she lives in Chicago and the studies at the Second City.” Awkward.

Happy Almost Friday!

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