13 Etsy Finds for the Doctor Who Lover

13 Etsy Finds for the Doctor Who Lover #doctorwho

If you love it, pin it. Please and thank you.

1. Doctor Who + Companion Customized Pillow Cases   |   2. Tardis Racerback Tee

3. Tardis Key Necklace   |   4. Tardis Dictionary Art Print

5. Tardis Wood iPhone Cover   |   6. Tardis Rubber Stamp

7. “We’re all stories in the end” Quote Bracelet   |   8. Crack in the Universe Wall Decal

9. Crack in the Universe T-Shirt   |   10. Dalek Hat

11. My Patronus is Amy Pond Mug   |   12. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Infinity Scarf

13. Tardis Quote Print

After my 13 Etsy Finds for the Harry Potter Fan post, I promised some fellow Whovians that I would make the Doctor Who version too. This post could also be called, 13 Etsy Finds for the Girl Who Fantasizes About Being the Doctor’s Companion. If there’s one weird awesome quirk about me, it’s that for as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the idea of time travel. Doctor Who makes it come to life.

And now for a bonus for my fellow supernerds, here are my top 3 favorite Doctor Who Episodes. Warning: they’re all 11. Matt Smith is my Doctor.

3. “Asylum of the Daleks”

I just really loved the premise of the episode. I had no idea at the time that they were setting Clara up to be the next companion but she did a phenomenal job. Plus, she’s the only reason I know what a soufflé is.

2. “A Time of Angels” & “Flesh and Stone”

The weeping angels scare the living crap out of me. I can’t even. They are my favorite Doctor Who villains for sure. These two episodes, when they’re in the caves and they realize ALL the statues are angels. When Amy has to keep her eyes shut in the forest. AND THEN the crack in the universe makes a comeback?!

1. “The Eleventh Hour”

Why? Because. Fish fingers and custard. The beginning of Amelia Pond. Sure, Prisoner Zero wasn’t the best villain. It didn’t matter. It was the beginning of the girl who waited.

fish fingers and custard

DOUBLE BONUS – N’s top 3 episodes and commentary:

3. “Silence in the Library” & “Forest of the Dead”
2. “The Doctor, the Widow, & the Wardrobe”
1. “The Empty Child” & “The Doctor Dances”

The best Doctor Who episodes always seem to encompass the same few ingredients; luck, curiosity, a few twists, the Doctor’s impulse to save people and spread happiness, and, of course, Steven Moffat.

Thanks, N! Also thanks for making me watch Doctor Who so we can now have late night arguments over whether Christopher Eccleston is underrated or not.

For those of you who don’t watch Doctor Who, give it a try on Netflix. If you are in to time travel, sci-fi, or feeling happy and confused and thrilled all at the same time, WATCH. But DON’T BLINK.

Fellow Whovians, which episodes are your favorites? I’m looking to do some re-watching.

  • Oooo! good choices. I actually got #3 as part of my V Day gift this year!

    While Matt Smith isn’t my Doctor, I LOVED “Nightmare in Silver”. I think it was some if his best acting to date.

    Mostly, I just love every David Tennant episode because.. I love David Tennant.

    • I’ll add that episode to my “re-watch” list. Jealous of your loved ones good taste in Valentines Day presents. Although I can’t complain, N got me some tardis earrings a while back.

  • Words cannot describe my love for 11! My all time favorite episodes are of course with 11 and Amy, and basically all from Series 6.
    1. “Vincent and the Doctor” : Talk about heartbreaking. It combined two of my favorite things, Doctor Who and art history.
    2. “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang”: There are just so many feels in this one too. Its action packed, and so very clever. It also is a serious Amy-Rory love session! The Centurion <3
    3. "The Wedding of River Song": Beautiful, clever, hopeful. Everything the Doctor is meant to be.

    I love your etsy picks as well, I am waiting for my iPhone case to give out so I can get a Tardis one!

    • I’m adding all of those to my re-watch list! The Wedding of River Song almost made my top 3 also. Such a great episode!

  • Can I just say that I love ALL of these! The tank top, coffee mug and scarf are my favorites! I love Doctor Who! Don’t get me wrong, I love Matt Smith as the Doctor BUT I would have to say that David Tennant is mine. He is just the cutest and I love him!!

    Geronimo! Allonsy!

    • Lately I’ve been considering re-watching all of the David Tennant episodes. I know that SO many people love him and, don’t get me wrong, I do too. I just think Matt Smith is so quirky and lovable.

  • I tried watching Dr. Who. But after the first few episodes I gave up. Am I missing something? Was I watching the British version and it’s less good? Does it get better as the seasons go on? I’m willing to try again, but need some guidance.

    • I’m pretty sure that the British version is the only version. On Netflix there are two different series, the one from back in the day (1960’s) and the revival which started in 2005. Since the revival there have been 3 different Doctors. The first season of the show is hard to get in to because it’s really sci-fi and it has terrible graphics. As the show goes on, the popularity and thus production value have increased so the graphics and special effects are MUCH better in more recent seasons.

      If you’re really in to sci-fi, definitely push through the first season. You’ll fall in love with Rose Tyler and before you know it, David Tennant will be the Doctor and tons of people really really love him. One of N’s favorite episodes is from the first season though, so there’s that.

  • I honestly just had to Google what this was. Can I find it on Netflix?

    • Of course! There are two options on Netflix, the older version that started in the 1960’s and the revival which began in 2005. You don’t need to have seen all the old episodes to understand the revival. If you like sci-fi, you’ll love it.

  • I have never been a Doctor Who fan, just can’t get my head around the show

  • I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about 11 because let’s face it, David Tennant is a pretty hard act to follow. But now? I believe Matt Smith is my Doctor too. These are fantastic finds! Getting into the first season was hard, but come season 2, we were hooked. We just finished the 6th season on Netflix. Do you have any idea when they’ll be adding the 7th?

  • These are fantastic! I would totally buy that scarf.

  • I NEED the bracelet and scarf ASAP!

    Also- I love the blog update. It fits you so perfectly!

  • Matt Smith is my doctor too! I am so tired of getting crap from fellow Whovians when I say that. It’s nice to find another!

  • I don’t watch this, but I hear great things. Maybe one day I can catch up…

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