10 Weeks of Pseudo-Homelessness

It’s official.
I’m homeless.
Okay not quite. 
Technically I’m living in two places.
Which is way less fabulous than it sounds.
You know those people who are like,
“Oh I summer in Maine but winter in Florida. 
It’s fabulous dahhhling.”
It’s nothing like that. 
My lease ended and now here I sit at the bf’s computer with half my clothes hanging in his closet.
And half are at my parents house in the room I share with my 11 year-old sister.
This makes putting together cute outfits a bit more complicated.
So far what I do know about this arrangement is that not knowing where I will be living in 10 weeks is stressing me out! I know 10 weeks is not a long time but I just hate being in two places at once and not being able to really call either “mine”.
Though my family and Naveed have been more than accommodating, not everyone has been super pleased with the arrangement.
cough…Naveed’s roommate….cough
So mostly for the next two months or so I’ll be trying not to overstay my welcome at any one place.
Ideally, we’d like to stay in Naveed’s current apartment AND 
have the option to get a fur-ball. 
Until we know for sure, we are anxiously 
(okay, honestly I’m the only one anxious about it. Nav is cool as a cucumber.) 
waiting for an email from his landlord to see if he’ll let us. 
My heart skips a beat out of excitement for the first place we will call home and the golden retriever that will be running around.
Oh yeah, and I’ll have this handsome fella as my roommate:
My first attempt at a portrait with my new camera!
So even in all the madness, I still feel beyond lucky.
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  • I totally understand how you are feeling! I like somewhere to call “my home” and when you are living–basically–in a suitcase, it’s difficult to feel warn and fuzzy about the place where you are staying.

    Hope it all falls into place SOON!

  • Ahhh that’s the worst feeling. I hate not being able to unpack and have all my outfit options! Oh and you’re right! Your man is quite handsome!!

  • I know the feeling! Good luck, hope it all works out soon!

  • I know how you feel because thats exactly what I went through for the who knows how long time before my bf and I officially moved in together. I was “technically” living with my parents (read: all my junk was there) although I was spending every single night at the bf’s. And he had a roomie. A not-so-neat one at that. We fought more during that time that we ever had before or since. Mostly because I felt homeless. I felt like i didn’t actually BELONG anywhere. Certainly not with my parents, being an adult and all, and not with the bf while he was sharing a small 2 bdrm apt with a sloppy smelly dude. I wanted a HOME and didn’t have one. But it gets better! The apt has been all ours since December and slowly but surely it is becoming OUR home. And we got a fur-ball <3

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