10 Things I Hate About My Blog

10 things i hate about my blog
1. The name. Back East Blonde. If I renamed it right now it would be Back East Whoa-look-at-those-roots! Not only can’t I change my hair color, my blog title is pretty much the least creative part of my blog and somehow the most important. Damn.

2. My complete lack of branding. What does this even mean? I’m not a brand. I’m a human. My blog design is totally generic (it’s simple and pretty and I love it but it’s a template, anyone could have it). I have read over and over again that I need to “brand myself”. I spend tons of time pinning design & color inspiration and still, nothing.

3. I love blogging about blogging and I hate myself for it. I’d love to take a poll of how many of my readers are actually bloggers. I’d imagine these posts annoy those who aren’t. And yet my fellow bloggers seem to love them.

4. The ads. Not the sponsor ads. That ugly one up there under my blog title. Yeah, that one. It’s ugly. I know it’s ugly. You know it’s ugly. But making $1 a day from that silly ad makes me feel a little less bad about how much time I spend on my narcissistic hobby.

5. My blog posts are entirely dependent on my emotions. I don’t have a content calendar but if I did, I’d change my mind in the morning based on how I’m feeling that day. I wish I could stick to some sort of schedule but that’s just not how my brain works. I haven’t decided if this is totally a bad thing or not.

6. How much I love gifs and overuse them. I love them. I don’t know why. They slow down my blog and some people hate them (even my bestie doesn’t love them, says they make her dizzy) and still, I can’t help myself.

ross friends gif

7. I’m always a little bit nervous because of it. My last name isn’t associated with my blog. You probably can’t tell exactly where I live. But because this blog exists and because I share so much of myself on the interwebs, I’m risking (to some extent) my personal safety, professional credibility and my pride. Very few people in real life know about this blog. I’d like to keep it that way.

8. Some of my old posts are cringe worthy. There was a whole period of lots of “me” posts, link ups, and more link ups. Most link ups (though not all) are boring and recapping a weekend where all I did was watch 20 hour of Netflix was just plain unnecessary. I also used to center align my posts. Again, cringe.

9. If there are any English majors reading, I’m sorry for my run-on sentences, starting sentences with the word “and”, and for the fact that neither of these things really bother me. They should. So I hate that I’m not bothered by it. My college degree hangs its head in shame.

10. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate it. Not even close. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

Go ahead and add major cheeseball to the list. I’m the worst.

  • Wait, we’re not supposed to center align our text?? Shoot.

    • It makes it hard to read. For shorter posts, I think it’s fine but for long ones it’s not ideal.

  • I love blogging about blogging! They are my favorite posts to write. Also, I never plan my posts out. On the rare occasion where I have several posts scheduled in advance, it never fails that I wake up on those mornings with ideas brewing and those pre – scheduled posts get pushed to the back burner.

    • I have so many half written posts (currently 43 drafts). If I have no new ideas than I just work on developing one of the existing drafts. But I’m totally guilty of blogging about blogging too much.

  • Blogging about blogging is awesome. I used to never schedule my posts, but now feel better when I do. It just depends on how you work best, I think! There’s not really a ‘right’ way. I’m with you on the branding train. I would be great at branding other’s (let’s hope so since I’m getting a degree in visual design), but designing and branding for yourself is the hardest thing, maybe, ever. I think it’s because we’re too aware of all of our interests/loves/personalities and have a hard time focusing on one color/statement/look to encompass the entirety of ourselves and our passions. Sigh. Rough stuff. My earlier posts are also exceptionally cringe worthy. They contained next to no substance and were more like a personal journal (that no stranger would ever really ‘get’) versus a ‘lifestyle blog.’

    • I’m sure I would feel a little more relaxed if I was able to schedule my posts but I never do. Something about the pressure of writing a post and knowing that I’m about to hit publish really gets my ideas flowing. Without that pressure, I just have bits and pieces of posts.

      I completely agree about branding yourself. Like, I love pink but do I want to brand myself as all pink and girly? No, probably not. It doesn’t align with my online persona.

  • This made me laugh!

  • I’m still new to the blogging world and do good to post a handful of times a month. But, one thing I’ve learned/noticed is that it’s your space to do whatever the heck you want with. So I say, if you want center aligned text, have it! I feel there’s really no set way things need to be done. My one physical criteria for reading a blog is content that is easy to read.

    • You’re right. There is no set way to do things. That being said, I do think center aligned text makes it hard to read. I also struggle when people write super long posts and then don’t break up the text at all. Paragraphs are necessary.

  • “Back East Whoa-look-at-those-roots!” Bahahahahaha! Awesomness!
    I feel the same way you do about #7!!!! I’m overly paranoid about stuff like that.

  • I just randomly stumbled upon your blog. Love this idea that you are able to laugh at yourself with certain things. Some bloggers take everything so serious.

  • I love blog posts about blogging. I am a total center aligning fool. I cringe at some of my earlier posts too but then again it is kinda fun to see how far I have come.

    • I agree. There are some old posts that I know I should consider deleting because they are such crap but it’s nice to see how far I’ve come.

  • I enjoyed reading this post! For what it;s worth, I love the simplicity of your blog design! It looks professional, and that to me, is part of branding.

    • Well thank you! I loved the simplicity of it, and the theme itself is actually called simplicity. Maybe it’s just that it bugs me that anyone could have it, making it not unique.

  • I am in the process of fixing some of my old posts. Geez. The center alignment. The awful recaps. I think I read one of my old posts once and was like, “wow…that’s all I have to say?” Terrible!

    • I feel the same way. I’m like, I wanted to grow my blog and I was posting about complete crap that no one cared about. I can’t bring myself to delete anything though.

  • where do you find great gifs? i am always looking for gifs for my posts but can never seem to know where to go! buzz feed has a lot of good ones, but if i want gifs on a certain subject or from a certain show, where do i go??

    • I literally google “ross friends gif” or “angry gif” and usually the best results are from tumblr. It’s not an exact science, mostly googling around.

  • owwww. Maybe now you should write a post on all the things your love about your blog? PS. I reall enjoy reading your posts.
    Claire xx | somewhere… beyond the sea

    • That’s a good idea. Maybe I will. Although I don’t want to pat myself on the back too much 🙂

  • I love your posts about blogging! But perhaps that’s because I’m a blogger too… 🙂 And I totally love starting my sentences with “and” (see what I did there? muahah).

    • Haha YES. I didn’t used to do that but I want to write how I speak. I know that annoys the grammar police among us but the joy of blogs is their informality.

  • Haha there is so much cheesiness in blogging but I still love it…whatever (:

  • #10 is the best (although the rest of the list was obviously excellent, too) I don’t think I’ve watched this movie in YEARS and I clearly need to remedy that, ASAP.

    • I was trying to figure out where I could watch it. It’s not on Netflix and I don’t own it on DVD, which is a damn shame. I may have to buy it on itunes.

  • I love reading your blog posts about blog posts! You tell the truth about it and it’s always hilarious. I with you on being paranoid about it too. I binge watch wayyy too much Law and Order on Netflix which probably doesn’t help…

    • Same! I just watched the most terrifying Law and Order SVU today and I could easily see there being an episode about a blogger who put her life on the internet and then got murdered. It’s cray.

  • I’m too tired to sufficiently express how much I love reading your blog so I will just say…



  • don’t ever stop giffing.

  • There’s nothing better than a well placed GIF.

  • This is great! Love your honesty! #1 is hysterical!

    Crumbs & Curls

  • I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen the movie and I still didn’t see #10 coming. Which pretty much makes it epic and makes you my favorite cheeseball today.

    • It’s such a classic. Makes me miss Heath Ledger.

  • Definitely would love to read a blog about blogging! And don’t worry– we are our worst critics! No one else cringes half as much as we do at our own! You’re doing great!

  • I have to admit I loved this list. But maybe that’s because I’m a blogger (helping with your poll there) so I know how it feels.

    Although I differ in that I use my name for my blog and my brand is centered around that – no pseudonym for me – I figured there was no point!

    • I wish I could use my name for my blog but just having a blog called “Nadine” would be weird and I don’t want to use my last name. I love your blog name!

  • Hahaha way to be real! Honestly youtube is my savior when it comes to formatting-but the generic-ness of our blog sometimes makes me want to cry.

    Also never apologize for using GIFs. We only have like 5 posts so far, but a single glance at our page will show that we use them liberally…even when they only barely apply. Whatevs.

    New reader! Love the blog and I’ll be back!
    xoxo Birdie

    • I’m all about the pre-made template. I could not design my own blog, not even when I was on the blogger platform. Professional custom designs are expensive but templates are usually $30 or less.

      And I will never stop using gifs. I think they make every post funnier.

  • Don’t stop blogging and blogging! They help newbies like me so much.

  • Insert kissy face emoji! I love everything about this blog, especially the fact that you write it, my friend! But I get it about the blog name…. hate mine, it sounds so juvenile.

    • I don’t think yours does at all! It’s simple enough that it can grow with you. I kind of wish my name was in my blog title now.

  • AMEN. I feel the same way about my blog sometimes!!! Good thing it is our little space and we can do what we want to!! (please read that in a “Its my party and I can cry If I want to”)

  • I love that the last one was a nod from the movie. Honestly, it is crazy how much time I spend on my blog but I love it too! It is like my guilty pleasure and I am sure my writing and grammar is horrific (I actually have people tell me so), whoops!

    • My Mom once sent me an email and all it said was “does your blog have spellcheck?” Thanks, Mom. I’m really bad about run on sentences though.

  • I love this just because I think these are all things that bloggers hate about the blog world although your number 1 made me giggle out loud. I worry about the safety side for sure and wish I knew more about how to add those little ads so that I could do the same. haha

    • My ads are from Google Adsense and Lijit, both of which you could ad to your blog very easily. Google Adsense is pay per click, meaning people have to click on it for you to make money. Lijit pays you per page view. Check them out an email me if you have any questions!

  • I LOVE this post : ) Not only because it references an awesome movie. I relate to every one of these things. Especially #7 – I get so freaked out by news reports on identity theft and things like that! How much info is too much?!? Ugh, I never know.

    • I’m not even as worried about identity theft as I am being a Law&Order episode. It’s kind of terrifying.

  • I definitely feel you on some of these. At times I feel like my blog is so plain and boring.. I definitely haven’t “branded” myself at all. Some days I feel motivated to do something about it and then realize that I am so not technologically inclined that it isn’t even funny and I just give up. Then there are times I worry about my post content and then I usually just give up on worrying. I write my blog primarily for me so that I have a place to put my thoughts and I have decided that I don’t think I care if people don’t like it, it isn’t “branded”, etc. I think I may just keep on doing what I’m doing until I start to worry again and then maybe one off these days I will change things? Or maybe not…

    • Branding is only important if you are looking to blog for an audience. I blog for me but I also blog because I know people read and enjoy it (or at least I hope they do). For that reason, I worry about branding a bit but clearly not enough to do anything about it. If you blog for you, keep doing that! That’s what is important.

  • All I could think when I saw that header was: a moment of silence for Heath Ledger, everyone. I still remember the day and what I was doing when I found out he died. Such a sad day…anyways…

    Good post. Great stuff. I still catch myself doing some of these things, but for the most part, I just don’t care. Also, I once tried to plan my posts and whatnot. It didn’t last for long. Not a bit.

    Oh #10 is my favorite. And I now want to watch that movie.

    P.S. Don’t ever stop with the gifs. They are just too good.

    • It’s hard to think about this movie without thinking of Heath Ledger and feeling sad for a minute. It’s such a classic though.

      Planning posts is the hardest part and mostly I just create a crap ton of drafts and have them half ready for days when I have no other random ideas.

  • Um I love this, especially number 5. I am the exact same way, I keep a calendar of blog posts so that I can be prepared and plan ahead of time, but most of the time when it comes to the day of I put it off and write something else instead.

    • That’s exactly what I do. I won’t even write what I’m going to post in pen in my planner because I know I’ll change my mind the day of.

  • Some of my favorite posts are about blogging! And I love your blog name! It’s so you!

  • This is so so so perfect. I look back on some of my very first posts from my first blog, which only my mom and some family friends read, and I am embarrassed. It also took me about a whole sheet of blog names and two past blogs to get my blog to the name I have now! I’m also pretty sure all of my friends were over hearing me talk about my name, and what color I wanted my background or what now. But I love the plain. I think it adds more attention to your amazing posts and doesn’t give any distractions!

    • I’ve read that simple is best for making your content POP. I’m still very happy with my blog design, I just think that it isn’t branded.

  • This isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned wanting to change your blog name, so I say go for it. We’ll still read you updates regularly!

    • The problem is, I have no promising alternatives to this blog name. I always think that one day a new blog name that is just perfect will hit me, but it hasn’t yet.

  • Love ALL the 10 Things I Hate About You referencing here! Cheese at it’s absolute FINEST.
    I could probably tick the box for all of your hates too for reasons I hate mine, I think bloggers will never be satisfied with their own blogs!

    • Very true. We are all our own worst critics.

  • I love this post!! I love your name.. Please don’t change a thing!!

  • As long as you don’t incorrectly use your and you’re, there, their and they’re or end sentences in “at” I am all good with writing how you speak. I start sentences with and, or, but, and so all the time! I have also thought about deleting posts from 2013 that are just crap (which is a lot) but can’t get myself to do it either. As I was writing my best of 2013 post I realized that I could’ve totally renamed my blog “Link Ups Anonymous.” As far as branding, I design everything myself and am always changing things. I just can’t settle on a color scheme and change my mind way too often! I’m probably the most indecisive person ever!

    • Please kill me dead if I ever use those wrong. I think people think that link ups grow their blog and in some ways they do, but only if you make them your own or share something really interesting. Otherwise they are exactly like every post everyone else linked up.

  • I love this post! Don’t ever stop gifing. Also- some of my old posts…I mean..WHY.

  • That last bit was gold!

  • Aww what a lovely post and cute tribute to an amazing film. I think being critical is good for any blogger and I too cringe at my old posts. I also really like the simplicity of the theme you’re using.


    • Well thank you! The theme is actually called “simplicity” so you nailed that.

  • Laura

    I actually love your blog name and find that it’s one of the easiest remember out of all the ones I read. The content helps with that too, of course. 🙂

    • Well easy to remember is important! I’ll probably leave it simply because I have no good alternative names. One day I’ll think of something but it will probably stay Back East Blonde for a good long while.

  • I loved this! All of it is true, down to writing by emotions to loving writing about blogging. Whatever works, right? I think nowadays we are all supposed to have huge “brands” and plans and such when we rely just want to write and…blog.

    • I’ve read the expression “content is king” so many times and I hate it but it’s true. I just think content is better when it comes from the heart and really speaks to what is going on in a persons life. Those are the posts I like to read the most.

  • Haha I love this post! I can definitely relate!

  • I go back and forth about whether to change my blog name or not. Readers have told me they like it so I keep it partially for that reason but alos because I have NO idea what to change it to. I’m not that creative.

  • I love blogging about blogging too and somewhere, someone told me to stop because my readers weren’t all bloggers.

    DAMMIT I want to blog about blogging!!

    Also, itsblondie on youtube went brunette and no one flipped out too much, so who says you can’t change your hair color

  • Amen to the old cringe worthy posts!

    Every time I look back on my old posts I can’t help but think “What was I thinking!?”

  • Well I just LOVE Gifs! Just throwing it out there 🙂

  • Wow. I have a lot of these same hates/fears that you do.

    I changed my blog name around 50 posts in. It wasn’t like I had a lot of readers or anything and I think that changing the name really helped me love my blog more.

    I’m also scared of people I know actually reading my blog, or writing about work, pin-pointing where I live too closely or if I might end up being a laughing stock on some random website.

    Good to know that some bloggers, great bloggers like you, don’t have it all quite figured out yet.

  • I blog, too, and I like reading your posts about blogging! And I agree with you about the branding thing – do I use my real name for everything or my blog name… is someone going to come kidnap my dog because one time I posted a photo of our house and if you search Google Earth long enough you might find it… (irrational, I know).


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  • Great post! I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s great. I totally feel your blogging pains with this post. 🙂

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