10 Things College Kids Just Don’t Get


I work with college students. Yesterday this happened:

Well….shit. In so many ways, I feel just like them. But when they leave our 9pm meeting (yes, a 9pm meeting) to head to the bars on a Monday while I hurry home to watch How I Met Your Mother, I’m quickly reminded that the 3 year age gap is a much bigger lifestyle gap.

10 things college kids just don't get

So, to the average college student:

1 || If you can still buy Starbucks, you aren’t really poor. And while we’re at it, I have a hard time believing you are really suffering when you have an arm full of Alex and Ani bracelets and a Longchamp shoulder bag. On that note, shall we talk about spring break? I was always spring broke. My ass stayed home. Are you one of the actual broke people? Put your FOMO at ease, in my experience no one remembers what happened on spring break anyways.

2 || Leggings are not pants.

leggings are not pants
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You’re welcome for sharing that. Consider printing it out.

p.s. Some leggings are see through. Do your roommates hate you or something? Who let you out of the house?

3 || As much as you may think you are, you are not busy. Enjoy those 2pm naps while you can. I miss napping. I miss it so much.

4 || Grades don’t matter as much as you think they do. Connections matter. You will never remember what you got on that Comm 301 final. And not a single person has ever asked for my college GPA. Ever.


5 || But on that note, going to class can result in the craziest thing: you can learn stuff! If I had a. Attended class more frequently and b. Actually paid attention, who knows how knowledgable I could be now! If I had a do-over, I think I’d actually try to learn.

6 || Freaking out about graduation and becoming a grown up? You should be. The transition from college lifestyle to cubicle is hands down the fastest way to make you feel like your life is over. Do yourself a favor and get a Netflix subscription and prepare for the funkiest funk you’ve ever been in.

Or you could, you know, make new friends and add enriching activities to your life. But I went the Netflix route for a solid 6 months and I turned out, eerrmm, okay….

7 || Jobs that sound good aren’t always the jobs you actually want. Ahem, this I have some experience on. Guess who went into college as  Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology major and was all set to become a doctor? This girl. It sure sounded good to be able to say to people “I’m going to be a doctor.” Turns out, I couldn’t compete in the hard-core science classes and quickly figured out that my life would not play out like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Thus, a communication degree.

Next time someone asks you what you are going to do after graduation, look them dead in the eye and say “I’m becoming an Astronaut.” Or just say, “I don’t know. I’m young. I have time.” It’s the damn truth.

hart of dixie
Me being a doctor is about this believable. Stop it, Summer.

8 || Your major has nothing to do with anything. I was a communication major and now work for a non-profit. N was a Poly Sci major and works in finance. I can give you a gagillion examples of people I know who have degrees in random things that they never use. Learn to write well and network. That’s code for go out drinking with your friends. Being a sorority girl helped me get every job I’ve had, including my current job.

9 || Someday, a bartender won’t ID you and you’ll be upset about it. Enjoy the years that it happens and don’t complain.

10 || Get your ass in that frat house. Yeah, dead serious about that one. The beer is free, the boys are fun, and guess what? Outside of these 4 years it will never again be socially acceptable for you to be there. I promise, you can be in bars for the rest of your life but the time will run out for the grimy goodness of your local Pike, Sig Ep, or Sigma Chi. Don’t question the jungle juice, just enjoy it.


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