10 Signs You Wasted Your Weekend

1. At this very moment, you can’t recall what you did on Saturday. Keep thinking. Still nothing? That’s the first sign.
2. The fact that you can’t remember has nothing to do with alcohol. (okay, there are a few empty wine glasses hanging by the sink but it wasn’t that much) No beer gardens were visited, no vineyards either. Not even a regular old bar. You just did a whole lotta nothing. And whole lotta Netflix.
3. You watched either 4 or 10 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress in a row and you’re not sure which. A lot of time passed. That’s all you’re sure of.

4. The leggings you woke up in on Monday morning are the same ones you wore to bed on Friday night. 
5. You’ve got a heaping pile of clean laundry. Don’t pretend like you accomplished something. The worst part is yet to come (folding).


6. You had your heart set on catching up on blog stuff. Answering emails, organizing sponsors, and actually writing posts ahead of time. But now you’ve got nothing written and that little red number above your Mailbox app is verging on 100. Oops.
7. You know exactly what that girl who moved away after 9th grade is doing with her life. And your 5th grade boyfriend. And you’ve got all the deets on the rings, wedding dates, and children of every one of your sorority sisters. Damn you, Facebook.

8. You ate a ton of food and yet you aren’t really sure you had a meal. If the recycling bin is any indication, it was pizza, white wine, and oh wait, more takeout. 
9. You watched 87 makeup and hair tutorials on Youtube and yet you’re now sitting at your desk at work with your hair thrown up in a pony tail, wearing mascara you applied at a red light.
10. The phrase “mother of dragons” means nothing to you. Which means you didn’t watch Game of Thrones Sunday night. 

Do any or all of the above describe you? 
We’ve all been there. 
No judgement.
Though my weekend was spent in New York and looked a little something like this:

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