10 Reasons Why Living With Your Boyfriend Is Awesome

We tried to take a romantic picture and I fell off the swing. This is real life.
We tried to take a romantic picture and I fell off the swing. This is real life.

1. It’s way cheaper. We save $400 a month living together. Okay, I use the term “save” loosely. We spend $400 less on living expenses by living together. I’d love to say we save that for something important like a down payment on a house but really we just go out to eat a lot and hit up Target. We save a little bit of it but less than we should.

2. Chore splitting. I haven’t emptied a dishwasher since N and I moved in together. True story. I don’t do dishes. I cook dinner. I do laundry. I iron. No dishes for me. I loathe dishes.

3. You get to know each others quirks. I’m a bitch when I’m hungry. He takes the longest effing showers. I’m the worlds worst (best?) backseat driver. He cannot remember how to get places he’s been numerous times. I bite my cuticles. He picks at his ingrown hairs. The good and bad quirks come out in full force. If you still like each other after they’ve all surfaced, you’re probably in the clear.

4. Expand your knowledge. I know more about all sports and techy stuff than I ever intended to. I’ve become a better cook simply out of necessity and practice. N knows more about BB Cream and the Kardashians than he ever thought he would. Hey, I didn’t say all the knowledge was useful.

5. You learn to love the same stuff. Before N and I lived together, I had a $35 tv from Goodwill. N insisted that HD was completely necessary and now I am an HD snob. We watch the same TV shows. He bought a Honda because I have one and rave about it. We watch tech review videos and listen to podcasts. Stuff I never would have thought I would love, I now do. Same for him. It’s more fun this way.

6. Sharing is caring. Things I have stopped buying since we moved in together: deodorant, toothpaste, soap, and face wash. We started off buying our own face washes. But then one time, I forgot to buy mine and just used his. And then I did that forever. Ditto for the deodorant, toothpaste, and soap. Now that I think about it, this is only benefitting me. I can’t say I’m going to stop though.

7. You learn their family dynamics. I’m not saying that I eavesdrop when N talks to his family on the phone but I’m also not saying that I don’t. You can learn a lot about a person by how and how often they talk to their loved ones.

8. Use of the term “partner”. Am I a cop? A lesbian? Who knows? I just really love throwing this word around. We’ve lived together for a year and a half. We have a (dog) child together. Partner it is.

9. Your problems change, but so do your solutions.

10. It’s the ultimate test drive. Either one of us could take the car back to the dealership and decide not to buy. That’s just the fact of the matter. But we don’t, and we won’t. Some days it feels like we’re playing house. It’s a whole lot of damn fun.

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