10 People Who are Cooler than Me

Obviously the title is ridiculous because there are literally billions of people who are cooler than me. But these people below, these are the ones you just know are. Instantly.
1. People who drink their coffee black. I am not cool enough to do this. This girl needs sugar. And cream, lots of cream.
2. Women who can walk in 4 inch high heels. Where do you learn this skill? I can’t do it. I just can’t. Damn you Carrie Bradshaw!
3. People who think airplane travel is not only normal, but entirely mundane. i.e not something to wet your pants and have a panic attack over. 
4. This girl. 
5. Anyone with a natural talent or skill. Unless you count killing houseplants, I’m at a loss here. 
6. Anyone who does not have a framed replica Harry Potter wand on their wall. Or does this make me the coolest? You decide.
7. People who do not attempt to translate everything their dog is “saying.” You know what would be weird? One sided conversations. So I just do both sides. Archie can’t use his words. I speak for him. 
8. Boston residents. Maybe it’s because their sports teams win. Maybe it’s because I love a good Boston accent. Either way, tell me you’re from Boston and I instantly think you’re cooler.
9. Any lady you could call a southern belle. I’m so envious of those thick southern drawls, proper manners, and even the ability to make insults sound kind. Bless your heart! You’re cooler than me. 
10. Women who can properly paint their own nails. And keep them well maintained. I suck at this but doesn’t a good manicure just make ladies look so much more polished? Pun!
Anything you’d like to add to this list? I’m sure I’m missing more than a few. 

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