10 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Twitter


I have a love/shrug relationship with twitter. Sometimes I’m obsessed with it. Sometimes I swear I think in tweets. The funnies come left and right and in my head I’m just like “YES, I’m nailing this.” Every re-tweet is a mini-ego boost. Other times, I have a complete tweeting dry spell. I scroll through my twitter feed, looking for interesting conversation or funny tweets for inspiration and come up dry.

As a follow up to my post 8 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Facebook, here are 10 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Twitter. You know you hate them too.

10 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Twitter

1. The complainer.

You can’t catch a break. But what is tweeting about it going to accomplish? Nothing. And now you’re being a downer. Call your Mom, don’t tweet.

2. The #giveaway person.

You want to win. Who doesn’t? But how do people even go about entering 27 giveaways in 4 minutes? In no way do these make me more likely to enter a giveaway. Can someone actually go head and invent a spam filter for these so they don’t even show up on my Twitter feed?

3. The overhashtagger.

#what #does #this #accomplish #besides #annoying #the #shit #out #of #everyone !!???

4. The replies to everything person.

Not all tweets warrant a comment. Responding to a celebrity tweet will not get you a response. There are interactions that just don’t need to happen. “So cute” is not a worthy response to anything.

5. The mommy tweeter.

Oh, you’re up for your 3am feeding? #breastfeeding does not need to be a thing. I do not need to hear about your kids sleep schedule, solid food tolerance, or anything related to diapers. Keep it to your mommy blog. Go ahead and tweet a link to the blog post where we can read about all that good stuff, if we feel like it. No disrespect to mommy bloggers. I plan to be one someday. But seriously any reference to diapers on my Twitter feed and I’m all…

J-Law Gif

6. Companies.

Companies aren’t people. So maybe they shouldn’t be on this list. But then again, maybe they shouldn’t be on Twitter. Unless they’re sharing coupon codes. OKAY FINE I TAKE IT BACK.

7. The person who goes over 140 characters. And keeps going.

If you are trying to write a novel, get a blog. Twitter is for MICRO blogging. Catching tweet 4 of 12 of someones Twitter rant is the fastest way to be like….what the what? If you want to write a rant, write a blog post.

8. The tweets their whole day person.

You woke up? You showered? You’re wearing lipstick? You ate taco bell? We don’t care. We really don’t.

9. The boss basher.

The person who goes on twitter to bash their boss or the company they work for is an idiot. If it’s you, you are an idiot. You should be kicked off Twitter AND fired. Of course when you get fired, you will promptly be a #1. These people blow my mind. You know those people pay your bills, right?

10. The shameless self-promotor.

I’ve been this person. Bloggers have a tendency to be guilty of this. We have to do it. But every once in a while, someone goes overboard. I don’t need to see a tweet with a link to your advertise page (See what I did there? Shameless.) every hour, all day long.

I know I haven’t covered all of the ridiculousness that is Twitter. Want to know the funniest thing? I have never unfollowed someone on Twitter. They can annoy the crap out of me and somehow, I still won’t do it. It feels mean.

Who else needs to be kicked off Twitter?

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