10 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Twitter


I have a love/shrug relationship with twitter. Sometimes I’m obsessed with it. Sometimes I swear I think in tweets. The funnies come left and right and in my head I’m just like “YES, I’m nailing this.” Every re-tweet is a mini-ego boost. Other times, I have a complete tweeting dry spell. I scroll through my twitter feed, looking for interesting conversation or funny tweets for inspiration and come up dry.

As a follow up to my post 8 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Facebook, here are 10 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Twitter. You know you hate them too.

10 People Who Should Be Kicked Off Twitter

1. The complainer.

You can’t catch a break. But what is tweeting about it going to accomplish? Nothing. And now you’re being a downer. Call your Mom, don’t tweet.

2. The #giveaway person.

You want to win. Who doesn’t? But how do people even go about entering 27 giveaways in 4 minutes? In no way do these make me more likely to enter a giveaway. Can someone actually go head and invent a spam filter for these so they don’t even show up on my Twitter feed?

3. The overhashtagger.

#what #does #this #accomplish #besides #annoying #the #shit #out #of #everyone !!???

4. The replies to everything person.

Not all tweets warrant a comment. Responding to a celebrity tweet will not get you a response. There are interactions that just don’t need to happen. “So cute” is not a worthy response to anything.

5. The mommy tweeter.

Oh, you’re up for your 3am feeding? #breastfeeding does not need to be a thing. I do not need to hear about your kids sleep schedule, solid food tolerance, or anything related to diapers. Keep it to your mommy blog. Go ahead and tweet a link to the blog post where we can read about all that good stuff, if we feel like it. No disrespect to mommy bloggers. I plan to be one someday. But seriously any reference to diapers on my Twitter feed and I’m all…

J-Law Gif

6. Companies.

Companies aren’t people. So maybe they shouldn’t be on this list. But then again, maybe they shouldn’t be on Twitter. Unless they’re sharing coupon codes. OKAY FINE I TAKE IT BACK.

7. The person who goes over 140 characters. And keeps going.

If you are trying to write a novel, get a blog. Twitter is for MICRO blogging. Catching tweet 4 of 12 of someones Twitter rant is the fastest way to be like….what the what? If you want to write a rant, write a blog post.

8. The tweets their whole day person.

You woke up? You showered? You’re wearing lipstick? You ate taco bell? We don’t care. We really don’t.

9. The boss basher.

The person who goes on twitter to bash their boss or the company they work for is an idiot. If it’s you, you are an idiot. You should be kicked off Twitter AND fired. Of course when you get fired, you will promptly be a #1. These people blow my mind. You know those people pay your bills, right?

10. The shameless self-promotor.

I’ve been this person. Bloggers have a tendency to be guilty of this. We have to do it. But every once in a while, someone goes overboard. I don’t need to see a tweet with a link to your advertise page (See what I did there? Shameless.) every hour, all day long.

I know I haven’t covered all of the ridiculousness that is Twitter. Want to know the funniest thing? I have never unfollowed someone on Twitter. They can annoy the crap out of me and somehow, I still won’t do it. It feels mean.

Who else needs to be kicked off Twitter?

  • I was SO prepared to be one of the people on this list, and I made it off clean. I do complain sometimes, but usually just about being hungry. Who can’t sympathize with that? Haha.

    • Oh I get Hangry like it’s nobody’s business. That’s a valid point.

  • Samantha

    Totally guilty of the breastfeeding one haha but other than that, I think I did okay on the list. #dontkickmeofftwitter

    • As long as you don’t start tweeting about diaper blowouts, I think you’re in the clear.

  • Lex

    love this! i’m glad i’m home and not at my desk or everyone would know i’m not working from all the giggling #HILARIOUS

  • haha I had to read this thoroughly to make sure I am not one of them! I think all of us bloggers are right on the line of annoying and legit promoting our product. Great list! 🙂

    • Oh I’m for sure guilty of that one and I’ll probably be guilty of being a mommy tweeter in a couple years.

  • I’m not a fan of the play by play for reality shows. When it’s Bachelor/Bachelorette season, I want to pull my eyes out so I don’t have to read the live tweets. They need to go away.

    • YES! You remembered what I forgot! It makes me so sad that so many of my favorite bloggers do this and I HATE it.

      • I love when you do these posts, they are so spot on! I also can’t stand the person who constantly tweets to larger, more followed people to get retweeted. I don’t follow this person for a reason, but then I follow say @femailbloggersrt and I just constantly hit with a ton of tweets that start solely with “@femalebloggersrt @seattlebloggers @you @me @whogivesashit” and then there’s no room left for an actual tweet. Drives me BONKERS.

      • Hmm, not sure why my initial comment ended up on this reply BUT, I totally agree with Brooks here. The Bachelor tweets make me avoid twitter all night.

  • dying laughing over here. another person that needs to be kicked off twitter is the girl that posts pictures with all of her assets all over the place….nobody wants to see that.

    • Lix

      Oi. I like boobs. And I love it when people are proud of theirs.

  • Lix

    I disagree on #7 and somewhat on #1 and also somewhat on #4 – I think “so cute!” is a perfectly valid reply to a non-celebrity and if it bothers you, you can disable seeing people’s replies to users you don’t follow. But I agree on everything else and I’ve got a few gripes of my own that may just make their own post.

    • You’re a fan of twitter rants, huh? Haha hey, different strokes for different folks. I just always feel like I only see them when they are half way done and I have no idea what the tweet is even referencing. I’d love to read your version with your own gripes!

  • I love this list!!! I thought I would actually be on it. So much so that I said to myself before I started reading – “If you are one of these people, don’t worry, just keeping doing you.” haha. #PraiseTheTwitterGods

  • If tweeting about starbucks, chevron and drinking wine all the other “cool” things to tweet about is your life, what’s so wrong about a mom’s life? That includes feeding, foods, toys and all the milestones. I agree I don’t need the dirty details and oversharing is the worst. I just hate how moms get the side eye if they’re up at 4 am and completely disgruntled that the baby is awake. I know I’ve certainly vented on twitter because all of the other moms on there would feel my pain. Otherwise I agree with this post.

    • People use Twitter to relate to each other. Mom stuff is part of that. I completely get it. That being said, some people really really overshare and that’s when I’m like, umm what made you think that should be on Twitter? I could just unfollow people but it really does feel mean.

      I’ll be eating my words on this one in 4 years or so when I’m up at 3am breastfeeding. I promise. lol

  • So cute!

    Ha, no I know what you mean. I’m worried my feed is turning into all Juan Pablo talk, all the time.

    • Vomit. Get off my twitter feed, Juan Pablo. I hate him and I don’t even know him.

  • And I totally didn’t want that comment to come off the wrong way – I meant “your” as a general use of people. Not specifically you. 🙂

  • I go through the same phases with twitter, sometimes I come up with great tweets and then I go a week with nothing but “Newblog post is up” tweets and feel like a twitter failure!

    • It’s the worst feeling when you know you are only tweeting about your blog posts but you really have nothing else to say.

  • Kerry

    Ohhh the live tweeting thing gets me. i never watch live TV anymore so it tends to be a spoiler so i stay off twitter is there are big shows I want to watch.

  • yes, yes, and yes again.

  • The giveaway tweets, ohhhhh the giveaway tweets. The drive me up a wall! How does one person have so much time in there day to be entering 982 giveaways? I actually tweeted awhile back about that….haha.

    • “any required apglooy for it being off-topic”Sorry to come in late but I think we should stick to the template of the original on this. Maybe we should only submit these comments when Vulnerable Right-Wing Chicks specifically write posts in defence of Nadine Dorries’ comment policy. As a bullying tactic, nothing rivals a polite on-topic comment.It’s a truly diabolical plan, I know, but that’s why I love it

  • I could literally not relate to this more.

  • Sometimes I do the over 140 characters but it is rare. I hate complainer tweets, especially when that is all that person does. I might send out a single tweet, I’m annoyed about …..” but never an endless stream of “my life this, my life sucks, why can’t I catch a break, etc”—that kind of annoys me. It also makes me feel sad for them, because I try to be such a positive person all the time.

    I hate live tweeting, because I do not care about The Bachelor.

  • People who tweet about live TV shows and ruin it for everyone else! Seriously, if its happening live– don’t tweet about it! Firstly, your obviously not that interested if you have to tweet every two seconds. Secondly, you ruin the shows for those of us who can’t watch immediately!

  • haha I have definitely gotten confused when seeing tweet 4 of 12 of a twitter rant… is anyone really going to scroll through their whole feed to get back to the beginning of your dramatic story?! NOPE

  • How about those who link themselves to various apps that post automated tweets daily? I can’t really blame folks for personally tweeting, but they did choose to grant access to these apps. Too much of anything can be problematic. :/

  • You always make me laugh so I thought I’d leave a comment for once 🙂 Merci for sharing your thoughts!

  • Sometimes the over 140 characters is entertaining, other times I just get lost. Where did the tweet even start? Is this a continuation of the last one, or have they started a new thought? It’s exhausting.

    I’m 100% with you on the whole “I’m so hilarious, I should win a tweeting award thing”.

  • i guess i should be kicked off twitter then. it was really really REALLY stupid of me to rant about my job on twitter,i had 1 follower so i didn’t think it mattered. but my boss found it and called me into his office and read my tweets to me, the ones where i talked about how much i hated everyone there and stuff. it was mortifying and he said “you’re really valuable to us, we aren’t going to fire you. don’t do it again.” i no longer work there THANK GOODNESS but yeah, that was horrible of to do that.

  • This post is perfection! I seriously hope you make a Part 2, because I laughed my way through this one! I love Twitter and yet…

  • I can over hashtag sometimes, but really when I’m doing it…I’m being sarcastic. Which, I wish could be felt/interpreted better in the internet world. But, alas, people just don’t get it sometimes.

  • This is the best list ever – tweets are 140 characters for a reason, it is impossible to enter that many giveaways, and really only 1 in every 10 tweets needs a reply. The only thing I disagree on is brands, mainly because that is my job! A friend in college had a great rule, try limit yourself to four tweets a day!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Ughh this is sooo true and why I very rarely scroll through my twitter feed. The twitter accounts full of giveaway tweets kill me and I end up unfollowing them drives me B A N A N A S.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with twitter too. sometimes I barely use it, but then i’ll think up something “witty” and no one responds. so then I just go back to instagramming pug photos mwuahaha.

  • Kym

    I’m only slightly guilty on a couple of these so I’m glad I don’t totally annoy the shit out of you on Twitter 😉

  • Erin

    Not sure if you follow me on Twitter or not but I don’t really care either way, unless you do if you unfollow me I promise not to be offended or hurt cause I obviously don’t even know if you follow me. Anyway, point of beginning rant is, I am guilty of being one of the people on your list of people who should be kicked off Twitter but, in my defense I don’t abuse my Twitter handle that often. To be honest it’s really the only reason I joined because truthfully, this may get me unfollowed just for admitting this, I don’t really understand this whole micro blogging thing. I obviously have too much to say for 140 characters, hell I can’t even make a comment short enough to not warrant a post all it’s own!

  • hahahahhahh OMG yes yes yes!!! The giveawayer drives me bonkers!!!

  • Great list Nadine, but I think you’re missing the Retweeter lol

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