Meatless Meat? I tried the Impossible Burger.

A few weeks ago I started seeing ads for Impossible Foods on Hulu. I’m deep into a binge of Lost (you know I love binging tv series – here are 9 TV shows to binge watch now) so it felt like every episode for days I was seeing this same colorful ad, featuring cheeseburgers. It was making me crave a cheeseburger….

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Why Every Dad Should Get Paternity Leave

We were lucky enough that the company that N works for gave him 8 weeks of paid paternity leave. For my fellow Americans, I know. We are so freaking lucky. While there absolutely needs to be a conversation about maternity leave in this country, today I want to talk about paternity leave and how it benefited our family. The 8…

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My 30th Birthday Wish List

This post was inspired by The Fairy Princess Diaries (she recently shared her 26th birthday wish list) and also the constant list of “wanted items” that lives in my phone. This post contains some affiliate links. I always have a list of things I’d like to eventually buy but aren’t a priority right now. Some of these have been on…

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How We’ll Share Our Child on the Internet

I think we can all agree that it’s a little weird that we often watch strangers children grow up via the internet. I’m telling you, there are a few ladies out there who I’ve never met and I’m weirdly attached to their children. I saw pictures of them the day they were born and I’ve watched them grow right before…

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9 TV Shows to Binge Watch Now

There’s no time to binge watch some TV like maternity leave in the dead of winter. And sure, they say that babies shouldn’t be exposed to TV right away but when I’m breastfeeding what am I supposed to do, stare at the wall? I kind of use the TV for background noise/company now that N’s paternity leave has ended and…

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